Trust activities in the Rural Area:

a. Awarding Scholarships by selecting meritorious students through competitive examinations. This year Trust distributed scholarships among 300 Primary and 200 Secondary school students.
b. Providing stipends to poor students.
c. Organizing inter school competitions on co curricular activities amongst various schools in the project area.
d. Providing honorarium to the Secondary school teachers at the time of their retirement.
e. Arranging workshops on different topics for the professional development of the teachers of the chapter area.
f. Arranging Annual Prize giving ceremonies where dignitaries participate to encourage and inspire the students as well as their guardians.

g. Organizing regular conferences for exchanging opinions, finding out academic and other problems and ways of solving the problems with govt. officials, SMC, PTA representatives and aotherdigitaries of the area for the overall improvement of the primary schools to ensure basic quality education in the project area.
h. Updating future plan of action to set up new projects for improving education and ensuring social welfare.

The Trust has devoted all its efforts to the activities on development and establishment of standard educational institutions in the rural areas with the aim of spreading light of knowledge to the mass people.

Different institutions established by the Education Trust :

1. Hafsa Mazumdar Mohila Degree College. (Estd. 1998)
2. Wazed Ali Mazumdar Secondary school. (Estd. 1973)
3. Hafiz Mazumdar Biddhya Niketon. ( Estd. 1987)
4. Sajjad Mazumdar Biddhya Niketon. (Estd. 1993)
5. Emdad Mazumdar Biddhya Niketon. (Estd. 1986)
6. M. R Mazumdar Biddhya Niketon. (Estd. 2008)
7. Shaila Smriti Hospital. (Estd. 1987)