Spoken English with SILCD

Speak more, to speak more fluently.

Spoken English Training

An English speaking course is in essence one where the overriding objective is to improve the fluency and confidence of the student when speaking English, and so improve the ability of the student to communicate effectively in English.

There are many facets to developing speaking skills. A good English speaking course should have specific English lessons to cover all of these facets which include; active vocabulary and grammar development, pronunciation, intonation, turn-taking, conversational gambits and many others. The English speaking course should aim to maximize the amount of student speaking time through group and work; it is this building of confidence through practice that is absolutely vital when developing speaking skills in another language.

Ambition & Strategy

The objective of this course, “English language Spoken” for both general and advanced level is to make the student speak in English without fear or hesitation and without any grammatical errors. This total course outline is designed in a such way so that people of diverse backgrounds can learn to speak English in a consecutive as well as an easy way. Most Of the people lack the requisite skills in the spoken English while conversing in different situations in day to day life. Keeping in our head, we have tried our best to solve that problem through supportive course materials and outstanding teaching method by our teachers. At SILCD the development of English speaking skills is a key objective in all our group courses, whether the course has a general and advanced focus. All our courses have, as one of the key objectives, the significant improvement of students’ speaking skills. Whilst the main focus of these classes is clearly different, students universally need to improve their English speaking ability to be able to compete successfully in whatever work arena they choose to put themselves into.

Who can join into this Spoken Class?

  1. The person who is very afraid of speaking English normally.
  2. Spoken English for entertainment and developing your skill.
  3. All types of people such as labor, garments worker, high school student, job holder, and the person who want to go abroad as a work permit, general people, some qualified people who have the basic knowledge of English grammar(They can get admitted into Advanced Course) and so on.
  4. Primary learner of spoken English for first time.
  5. Who want to speak English without any hard rule of grammar and complex sentence, and can speak English in simple way.